Feedback from Kaua`i Educators

From the Edcamp Honolulu Experience:

“Edcamp changed the way I thought about several aspects of teaching. I left feeling confident that I can code with 1st graders, that I can inspire even the most reluctant colleagues, and that I can keep true to traditional Hawaiian values while blending in 21st century learning techniques.” –Jessica Kerber, Tech Coordinator 

“EdCamp provides you with the opportunity to discuss topics that you truly care about. As a result, you will gain invaluable insight. I participated in discussions where we debated how much technology is too much, as well as how we can bring philosophy back to the classroom. During these sessions, I was able to hear multiple perspectives on important topics that shape my teaching.” – Jacqueline Callahan, 5/6 Language Arts Teacher

I really enjoyed the EdCamp unconference. It was such an inspiring experience to have the time to get so many great teachers together to share what they are doing, what inspires them, and what is working for them. This was a truly enriching Professional Learning Community. What I got from these discussions were practical, relevant, and really useful ideas to improve my teaching.  I was especially inspired by the coding session, and a great discussion about Maker Spaces, and how we can all implement one (no matter how basic).  I am looking forward to our Kauai Edcamp!” – Ryan McGill, 5/6 Science Teacher

“The highlight of my trip was the EdCamp.  It was so inspiring to be in a room full of teachers who were interested in the same topics as you. I am really excited that HSTE Kauai will be bringing this amazing event to Kauai this spring.” – Nathaniel Evslin, Tech Coordinator


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