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EdCamp Kaua`i is being organized and executed by a devoted group of HSTE members who live on the island of Kaua`i.

The Hawaii Society for Technology in Education (HSTE) is a professional organization for educators and educational leaders focussing on the effective use and integration of technology. HSTE is a 5013c with a 14 member board consisting of educational leaders from across the state with a wide variety of interests and backgrounds in public and private school education and technology. On Kaua`i, we have started a HSTE Kaua`i group to ensure that more Kaua`i teachers are aware of and have access to more professional development and to promote networkinh and collaboration across schools in the area of technology in education.

Some additional information about HSTE Kaua`i:

Our Main Objective: To build capacity for excellence in technology in all schools on Kauaʻi.

Our Goals:

  • Grow a networked learning community on Kaua’i
  • Develop  technology in education leaders
  • Promote deeper learning practices
  • Transform Schools
  • Improve Student Achievement
  • Prepare students for our rapidly changing local and global economy
  • Expose teachers to highly qualified experts, tools, and instructional practices

How we are working on meeting our goals:

  • Holding quarterly meet & greet events for members to network, share best practices, and share out on PD experiences.
  • Secure funding through Hale Uluwehi Charitable Fund Grant. We have attained a generous grant which will help support our stated goals.
  • Providing funding for professional learning opportunities to our members. HSTE Kaua’i members have recently be awarded sponsorship to the Kamehameha School “Believe” Conference and the National ISTE Convention in Atlanta.
  • Plan and execute the first EdCamp on Kaua’i.
  • Bringing in tech experts from around the state to educate our members.
  • Creating a platform for Kaua’i educators to share ideas, expertise, and questions.

Benefits of being a part of HSTE Kaua`i:

  • With over 1,900 state-wide members, becoming a HSTE member will connect you with this group for collaborative learning and networking.
  • Quarterly HSTE Kaua`i get togethers allow members to share Tech Tidbits, best practices, and connect with local members.
  • Monthly Newsletter and emails help you stay up to date with upcoming events happening on island and around the state.
  • Being a HSTE Kaua`i member allows you to access several professional learning opportunities at no cost to you!


Check out our page – www.hste.org/Kauai

For more information contact:

Jessica Kerber- jkerb9@gmail.com or Lisa Mireles- lisavmireles@gmail.com

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